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California Labor Law Class Actions

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Class Actions for Labor Violations

Many companies violate California labor law for such thing as failing to provide proper meal and rest breaks and failing to pay overtime.

The problem is that even if you sue and win, the amount that the employer must pay on your own individual claim may not be enough to make the employer stop the conduct. In addition, most cases settle well before a trial. In cases that settle, the employer frequently pays less then is actually due. In these cases, it is best to sue the employer in a class action lawsuit.

A class action lawsuit is simply one in which one or more people sue the employer for violations against all the employees who are similarly situated. When you sue as a class action, you make it much more likely that the company will comply with the law going forward. In addition, if you settle the class action, the employees who had the courage to bring the lawsuit are usually awarded extra compensation on top of their claims as a form of "incentive pay." These employees expended extra effort in coming forward and bringing the lawsuit. As such, it is only fair that they receive more than other employees who simply sat idly by and waited to collect their money.

Typical class action lawsuits for labor violations include claims for:

Unpaid California overtime
Missed meal breaks and rest breaks
Imroper pay check stubs that don't print the required information
Paying employees with checks from an out of state bank
Paying employees with a check that you must pay a fee to cash.
Making employees pay for their uniforms
Not paying employees for business miles that they drive in their cars
Not paying for travel time while on the job or to/from distant locations
Paying bonuses to employees and not paying overtime on that bonus
Not paying for company meetings

If you feel that you have a case for any of the above or any other labor violation that is wide spread at your company, then please contact the Law Office of Michael Tracy.




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